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Uncompromising strategic real estate solutions that maximise value.

Our Services

Reality Capital

For real estate professionals requiring credit structuring, debt broking, and loan management services across the capital stack. Ongoing support and advice included throughout the full term.

Reality Investment

For entrepreneurs and developers who are looking for flexible co-investment solutions and equity partners for property based transactions.

Reality Management

For strategic consultancy advice to help real estate businesses streamline processes, maximise returns, and drive competitive advantage.

About Reality Group

About Reality Group

We act exclusively for high and ultra-high net worth clients and small institutions with material or complex exposure to real estate. We provide independent credit structuring, debt broking, and strategic advisory services.

We are driven by client success derived from longstanding relationships with decision makers. We take an uncompromising approach and a deep level of involvement in every deal. This is why we have an enviable track record for delivering competitive outcomes that enable our clients to execute their property deals.

We manage the entire process with an expert eye, and are with our clients every step of the way - from the initial proposal, to loan drawdown, right the way through to maturity or repayment. We believe strongly in building long-term relationships that are aligned with our clients ambitions.

We are highly experienced in dealing with complex underlying structures. Our services have a minimum entry level of £5m with no upper limit, and cover both the UK and international property markets.

Our vision is for our clients to recognise us as an integral member of their in-house team. We are a trusted expert resource for specialist independent real estate debt and capital advice.